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  • Probe Stations that Automate PiC Testing

    Single-die and multi-die probe stations for automated photonic integrated circuit testing.

    » Edge & Vertical Coupling
    » Existing Instrument Compatability
    » Modular Hardware

  • Fiber-Chip-Fiber Testing
    Complex automated alignment algorithms 

  • What Our Customers Say

    Read how we have helped our customers bring automated testing to their labs

    "Maple Leaf Photonics took the time to understand our needs and built a system specific to our application." - RIT

PiC Testing Simplified.

We get it. Testing integrated photonic systems is hard. Test scenarios require precise control of parameters in the optical, electrical, thermal, and mechanical domains requiring a myriad of instruments. Our probe stations automate and orchestrate the process.



A system that finds light fast and automates characterization

Maple Leaf Photonics was started by photonic engineers who needed an affordable and flexible way to test their own designs. Our probe stations automate the time-consuming repetitive tasks required for PiC testing. The platform scales from prototyping early concepts through qualifying hundreds of parts using our multi-die system. We have complete solutions for any product development stage. 

Single-Die Probe Station

The SD100 is perfect for characterizing hundreds of circuits on a single chip.

Multi-Die Probe Station

The MD100 automates circuit characterization on many chips in a single run.

Custom Probe Station

Biosensing or quantum optics? We tailor systems for specific applications.   

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Modular by design​, customized by you.

PiC designs vary widely. Test needs do too. We designed our platform with flexibility in mind. The intelligent partitioning of various hardware components, their controls, and software allow users to customize systems for their unique needs or scale their existing probe station as new test needs emerge. 


Alignment optics, fiber aligners, chip stages, and electrical probes can be mixed-and-matched for unique needs.



Modular controllers allow the addition of new components, capabilities, and features as needs emerge.



Our fotonica software controls instruments, orchestrates tests, and stands-alone (GUI) or integrates through an API


What Our Customers Say​


We help innovators develop tomorrow's PiC products

Our customers push the boundaries of what's possible with integrated photonics and we are thrilled to be a part their success. We focus on lowering the barrier to entry and automation to help accelerate the PiC revolution.